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Carmen Jordá in Fuera De Serie

Carmen Jordá in Fuera De Serie Magazine nr. 13, March 2014. Photos by Kiko Reparaz.

Mark Vanderloo in XL Semanal

Mark Vanderloo in XL Semanal Nr. 1379. Photographed by Juan Aldabaldetrecu. Styled by Verónica Suarez.

Astrid Klisans and Edurne for XL Semanal

Astrid Klisans and Edurne interviewed for XL Semanal Magazine #1379. Photographed by Antonio Terrón.  Styled by Verónica Suarez.  

Astrid Klisans & Diego Osorio at...

Astrid Klisans & Diego Osorio attended the Perfume Academy Awards on the 27th of March at the ‘Casa de América’ in Madrid. Astrid Klisans y Diego Osorio en los

Anne Igartiburu, Ana García Siñeriz...

Anne Igartiburu, Ana García Siñeriz y Diego Osorio en la inauguración del nuevo El Corte Inglés en Madrid. Anne Igartiburu, Ana García Siñeriz & Diego Osorio at the opening

Andrés Velencoso in AD Magazine

Andrés Velencoso in AD Magazine, April 2014.

Diego Osorio in El Mundo

Diego Osorio is featured in El Mundo’s ‘Golden Singles’ Section. Diego Osorio en “Solteros de Oro” de La Otra Crónica de El Mundo. Diego Osorio, el modelo noble Aristócrata

Axel Pons for MadMenMag

Axel Pons for MadMenMag, Spring 2014. Photography by Jordi Cortés. Styling by Xisca Mandilego. Hair & Make-up by Victor Martínez.

Davinia Pelegri in La Vanguardia

Davinia Pelegri by Gorka Postigo in Magazine La Vanguardia, March 23 – 2014.

Arizona Muse in Telva Magazine

Arizona Muse is featured in Telva Magazine, April 2014.

Oriol Elcacho & Davinia Pelegri for...

Oriol Elcacho & Davinia Pelegri for Telva, April 2014. Photography by Toni Mateu.

Marica Pellegrinelli for Yamamay

Marica Pellegrinelli for Yamamay’s Spring 2014 Catalogue.

Maxi Iglesias on the cover of Hunter...

Maxi Iglesias on the cover and in the cover story of Hunter Magazine. Photos by Yoye. Styling by Jasmina Bass. Make-up: Inma Cifre. 
Now with us

Cayetano Rivera

Cayetano Rivera is now represented by Sight Management Studio. Spanish bullfighter from a great dynasty of bullfighters. He is a character with worldwide impact; not just due to his great

Glamour Beauty Awards 2014

Alejandra Alonso, Oriol Elcacho, y Eduardo Sayas atendieron los Premios Belleza 2014, celebrados el jueves 13 de Marzo en el Hotel Palace de Madrid. Alejandra Alonso recibió el Premio Glamour

Andrés Velencoso in Television Series...

Andrés Velencoso will appear in 3 episodes of the Tele 5 TV Series B&B. El ‘top model’ español Andrés Velencoso es el nuevo fichaje que se incorpora a la serie de Tele

Making Of – Maxi Iglesias for...

Making Of – Maxi Iglesias for Hunter Magazine, Issue 3.