GQ ‘Men of the Year 2011′ Awards

Mark Vanderloo won the GQ Hugo Boss 2011 Award during the GQ ‘Men of the Year 2011′ Award Gala that was held on the 23th of November in the Hotel Palace, Madrid. Also present at the Award Gala were Ana Camp (Sight Management Studio’s Celebrities and Sports Division’s Director) Eduardo Sayas (Sight Management Studio’s President) and Ivan Noda.

Photos by Leticia Díaz, Dolores Santillana and Luis Spinola.

Mark Vanderloo

Mark Vanderloo

Ana Camp, Eduardo Sayas, and Cristina de Catalina (Procter & Gamble)

Ivan Noda was chosen as one of the most elegant men at the Gala.

Eduardo Sayas and Quim Gutierrez

Mark Vanderloo

Eduardo Sayas, Sara Padilla (GQ’s Fashion Director), Vicente Gallart (Journalist), Inma Barandica (Stylist), Joana de la Fuente (GQ’s Fashion team) and Eduardo Boillos (GQ’s contributor)